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Zwackery is platform game in which you control a wizard named Zachary Thwacker.   On each level, your quest is slightly different.  There's typically a Dragon at the end of each level, although he can be avoided on some levels by taking the appropriate path.  Your overall goal is to rescue a princess, who has been turned into a toad by the Gholum.

The game uses controls identical to Discs of Tron, which makes it difficult to get the hang of right away, but once you become accustomed to the controls, you'll have a blast.  There are both a trigger and a thumb button on the joystick; one swings your sword, the other raises your shield.  The spinner knob controls the aim of both the sword and shield, as well as picking up items and casting spells.

You begin the game with 9 lives. Each time you die, you lose a page from your "book of life".  When the book has no more pages, your game is over.  Extra lives are earned by killing the Gholum when he appears, and the game allows you to continue a maximum of two times.

Zachary's cloak changes color as you progress through the game, as does his title.  I am unaware if the game has an ending, but I don't believe so.  If it does, I'd love to see someone accomplish the feat.  I have not yet attained the coveted title of "Zwackmaster".  Below are the colors you change to based on your score, and my high score to date.

Amateur Novice Adept Conjurer Trickster Magician Wizard Sorcerer Sage Zwackmaster
? ? ?
0-50k 50k-100k 100k-150k 150k-200k 200k-250k 250k-300k 336,650


Zwackery roms for MAME - Trying to play Zwackery using MAME is just ridiculous.  Rather than even attempt it, just find a collector with a Zwackery, and invite yourself over for a game.  You can check the registry for the closest Zwackery to you.


Zwackery entry at - The KLOV entry was written by someone who probably hadn't played the game at all.  The objective they have listed is to:  "Jump around and preserve all the pages of Zak's 'Book of Life' from the Gholum".  -Quite a game according to them; Jump around, don't die.  Warning: there are several errors on the KLOV page.  Zwackery is not a 2 player game, and the game was released in 1985, not 1986.


Zwackery Registry If you own a Zwackery, please take a few moments and register the serial number. If you don't, go search your local warehouse and pull one out of the dusty corner it's been sitting in for the last 15 years.




Zwackery Cabinet

Scoreboard Gameplay Title   Marquee Control Panel Sideart
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