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My Basement Arcade

Here's a basic layout of my basement arcade as of October, 2002.  I have a space problem, much more than this map indicates.  The problem is my garage is 1/2 full of games I'd like to move down into the arcade.  The south wall is all storage and shelves, and the smaller room in southeast corner also has some storage shelves, washer/dryer, etc., so there's no room for games in that area.



AtariRow1.jpg (61056 bytes) Gravitar, Quantum, Black Widow, Space Duel, Star Wars, & Empire Strikes Back.  *note* Star Wars is currently over by the workbench for monitor repair. APB and Eliminator.  Eliminator's board went all kerblooey recently.  I need to see what I can figure out on it. APB.jpg (55481 bytes)
AtariRow2.jpg (55160 bytes) Tempest & dedicated Major Havoc  The Havoc is tucked away in a corner, where I won't ding it hauling a cabinet in or out of the basement. :-) Satan's Hollow cocktail, and Pac-Man cocktail.  I spent many a quarter in Pizza hut playing Pac-Man in these type of cabinets. cocktails.jpg (59696 bytes)
LaserRow2.jpg (55662 bytes) Laser row, consisting of Space Ace (dedicated), Thayer's Quest, Dragon's Lair, Dragon's Lair II, and Cliffhanger. One more laserdisc game, Badlands.  Also my Gauntlet and Q*bert.  I installed a new monitor in Gauntlet, and the difference was incredible. Badlands.jpg (59929 bytes)
LaserRow1.jpg (59314 bytes) Laser row, different view, with Star Trek pinball trying to get into the picture. Sinistar, Zeke's Peak, and my mini Omega Race, completely restored by PlayerTwo. Sinistar.jpg (58619 bytes)
MCRrow.jpg (60296 bytes) Domino Man, Journey, Zwackery, Zwackery, Budweiser Tapper, Ms. Pac-Man.  One of my Zwackery games is on the fritz.  :-( Workbench.  Don't be fooled, it's usually very cluttered with parts and tools. Workbench.jpg (62871 bytes)
RollingThunder.jpg (64008 bytes) My only Jamma game, Rolling Thunder.  I have some NOS sideart for this, but can't bring myself to apply it, since this cabinet has 95% of its art. Pat-9000, CATbox, and my artwork filing cabinet.  It's an architects' file, used to keep blueprints flat.  It's perfect for storing CPOs and sideart. Pat9000.jpg (66623 bytes)
Marble.jpg (62594 bytes) Marble Runner! Beep Beep!  I have all 5 kits for this, and thanks to PlayerTwo, it's running again!  Yay!  MM is my favorite kit, but it's getting frustrating, as I seem to have reached a plateau in my skill level.  Maybe I'll play Indiana Packrat for a while. Star Wars, with the monitor ready to go back in, as soon as I order a new HV from Wintron. SWrepair.jpg (63236 bytes)
Garage1.jpg (60379 bytes) I'd be remiss if I didn't show a few pictures of my 'warehouse', a.k.a. Garage. Games waiting their turn to join their comrades in the basement: Time Traveler, Insterstellar, Cobra Command, Super Don Quixote (dedicated), Timber, NFL Football, Space Fury, and Star Trek SOS.  There's also a spare empty Cliffhanger cabinet I plan on assembling some day, a working Thayer's Quest, and a Dragon's Lair II which I am trading to Jon eXidy. Garage2.jpg (52131 bytes)