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"It is my estimate less than 10 Zwackery machines remain in existence."

Yeah, I said that 3 years ago when there were a whopping 4 known Zwackery games between the VAPS website, the RGVAC community, and speaking with people via e-mail. Now, we're up to nine in the registry, so I may have to re-evaluate my estimate!

The serial number on a Zwackery can be found stamped into the wood on the back of the cabinet, near the top. As far as I know, they only used a 3 digit number. It was recently brought to my attention that all 9 of the Zwackery machines registered so far are odd numbers.  Surely just a coincidence, but odd, nonetheless.

To add your Zwackery to this registry, please send me a message on my contact page.

Registered Zwackery Owners:

Name Location Serial Number
Pete Ashdown Salt Lake City, Utah 115
Trevor Beaman Greeley, Clorado 119
diggy   123
Morgan Beckman Columbus, Ohio 143
Morgan Beckman Columbus, Ohio 159
Mike Oehlerich North English, Iowa 169
Dustin Hubbard El Reno, Oklahoma 169
Kevin Marcus Seattle, Washington 179
Coming Soon Coming Soon 201
A Zaha Pittburgh, PA 214
Mike Layton Fairview Park, Ohio 233
Thomas Lyons New Hampshire 239
Joe Kauffman Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 251
Amusement911 Montreal,Quebec 267
Stephen Beall Santa Maria, California 291
hallow man egypt 570
hallow man egypt 570