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This page did not exist on the original The intent of this page is to compile resources about the game, like possible places to find used or new parts, tips on restoration & artwork, or just how to repair your Zwackery. I compile this as I have time, manually. If you know of an arcade resource that should be added to this page, drop me a line please and I'll get it added.


  • Zwackery Jamma converter - A collector by the name of Oryk Zinyo can make you a Jamma converter for a Zwackery harness if needed. He is based out of Seattle, and in June of 2010 he said he make one for about $100. Do a Google search for Jamma adaptors for Tapper, Zwackery or drop me a note and I can forward you the link.


Here is some information about private sale of used parts - artwork, electronics, etc. for your Zwackery cab. Please READ. I do not have these parts for sale, this is just an aggregate page of information to inform yourself on what something might be worth, or what a specific Zwackery part might cost you on another marketplace like eBay.

  • Zwackery Marquee - $40+ Shipping - In Sept. of 2009, Brad in Wisconsin was trying to sell a used Zwackery marquee for $40. The thread didn't have a post on whether he was successful or not for that price, and the marquee had some flaking and damage to the screenprint. As of this writing (Feb. 2012) the markey and value for most arcade games has continued to drop, so a damaged Zwackery marquee may not be able to sell for even that price.