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Timber Registry

I'm trying to determine if they used any color sideart Tappers as Timber cabinets. Mine is #126, and it appears to have the sepia tone Tapper sideart, so... it's confusing. Did they restamp all the serial numbers when they did the conversions? And, for that matter, was Timber a factory-only conversion, or did they sell kits to operators?

The picture on the lower right is a Root Beer Tapper conversion, while the upper right is a Budweiser Tapper conversion. When they removed the brass drink holders, they applied a simple block of wood to cover the hollow control panel edge. I haven't confirmed it yet, but I imagine there must be two different sizes of Timber control panels out there. A Bud-Timber control panel is long enough to jut across the actual cabinet sides, whereas a Root Beer-Timber panel only goes to the inside edge of the cabinet sides.

To add your Timber to this registry, please send me a message on my contact page.

Registered Timber Owners:

Name E-Mail Location Serial Number Cabinet Type
Chris B New york 0000 Root Beer Tapper
Shonta Knightdale 0000 Root Beer Tapper
Morgan Beckman Columbus, Ohio 0126 Budweiser Tapper
Thomas Lyons new hampshire 0137 Budweiser Tapper
Justin Collins Las Vegas, Nevada 0226 Budweiser Tapper
Norm Bender Newtown, CT 0252 Budweiser Tapper
Stephen Beall Santa Maria. CA 0295 Budweiser Tapper
Chris Walker Atlanta, Georgia 0328 Budweiser Tapper
Kyle Ondrejko Surprise, Arizona 0341 Root Beer Tapper
Edward Lutz Louisville, KY 0357 Budweiser Tapper
Scott Schilling Fort Wayne, Indiana 0408 Budweiser Tapper
Jason Spindler Mt. Vernon, IN 0419 Root Beer Tapper
Brian Corliss Derry, N.H. 0442 Budweiser Tapper
Kevin Rhinehart San Jose, CA 0454 Root Beer Tapper
Pete Ashdown Salt Lake City, Utah 0504 Root Beer Tapper
Ron Matuszak Sylvania, Ohio 1218 Root Beer Tapper
Mike Oehlerich North English, Iowa 321 Budweiser Tapper