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Tapper Registry

Much debate has occurred among collectors concerning the number of the alleged 'prototype' Bud Tapper cabinets out there. Rumors abound there were only 10 produced with color sideart, although lately the consensus seems to be a number closer to 100.  I have one of the color sideart cabinets, and even I think there must have been more than 10 produced, because if not, I've seen over of them.  This page should help settle the argument, regardless.

If there is sufficient demand, I'll add a 'cocktail Tapper' option, but since that isn't the motivating factor behind this page, it isn't there for now.

To add your Tapper to this registry, please send me a message on my contact page.

Registered Tapper Owners:

Name E-Mail Location Serial Number Machine Type
Brian Pipa near Raleigh, NC -1 Brown/White Bud
Brad Busch Michigan 0 Color Budweiser
Tommy Reese Weatherly, Pa 20 Color Budweiser
John Watson Birmingham, AL 115 Color Budweiser
Dan Davidson Chicago, IL 128 Color Budweiser
Darin Jacobs Phoenix 129 Color Budweiser
Pete Ashdown Salt Lake City, UT 162 Color Budweiser
Ray West Westfield MA 176 Color Budweiser
Edward Lutz Louisville, KY 286 Color Budweiser
Ray West Westfield MA 310 Color Budweiser
Morgan Beckman Columbus, Ohio 326 Color Budweiser
John Wirtz Cleveland,Ohio 335 Color Budweiser
Dustin Hubbard El Reno, OK 344 Color Budweiser
Ryan Waelde Evansville,IN 386 Color Budweiser
Larkin Wittstock Atlanta 438 Brown/White Bud
Gregory Erway Rochester, NY 629 Brown/White Bud
Super Auctions   St.Louis, MO 3-31-07 880 Brown/White Bud
Scott Gary Indianapolis, IN 954 Brown/White Bud
Brian Adkins Orlando, FL 1075 Brown/White Bud
Aaron Wheeler Rocky River, Ohio 1084 Brown/White Bud
matthew murray Wisconsin 1233 Brown/White Bud
J.D. Saxer Illinois 1253 Brown/White Bud
chris rhoades Minnesota 1353 Brown/White Bud
Tony Cipriani Agawam MA. 1400 Brown/White Bud
Gregory Erway Rochester, NY 1760 Brown/White Bud
Warren Malkin Jr Harwinton, CT 2133 Brown/White Bud
John(Linolium) Manuelian New Bedford, Ma 2351 Brown/White Bud
Jim Crismale Oradell, NJ 2422 Brown/White Bud
Warren Malkin Jr Harwinton, CT 2685 Brown/White Bud
vanhieu 123 84511 Color Budweiser
chris perier Bakersfield, CA 1100333 Color Budweiser