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Cash Offers / Trades

Ok, I'm just trying to save us both some time with this page. As I said before, I prefer to trade items. If you have nothing available for trade, you can make a cash offer, however:

If you e-mail me asking how much I want for something, I likely won't bother answering at all.  What I want is to trade.  If you want to give me a commodity (dollars) which I don't particularly want, you get to make the initial offer.

If you e-mail me and make a ridiculous, insultingly low offer, I likely won't bother answering at all.

If you have cash, and don't want to make me an offer, I suggest trying to buy an item from my want list, and then offering it to me in trade.  (naturally, you should probably check with me first to make sure we can work out a trade that is fair to both of us before you buy anything)